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Although a small country, Cyprus has an almost overwhelming cultural heritage. Wherever you travel you will find ancient monuments and sites, churches and monasteries bearing silent witness to over 9000 years of civilization and history. Cyprus stands at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe and this exotic mix is well-reflected in Cyprus' cultural history. Cyprus colourful  history is reflected in the rich cultural life in Cyprus today. Almost every week there is some sort of celebration, a festival, a wedding or a saints day (which are celebrated instead of birthdays). Whatever the season Cyprus never disappoints nature lovers. The mild climate allows visitors to enjoy the unique flora and fauna of this east Mediterranean island all year round. Visitors with an interest in geology may also make some interesting discoveries. There are many excellent value products to be bought in Cyprus and all the main towns offer busy shopping centers and bustling markets. There are also Cyprus Handicraft Canters in all the major towns, offering a wide selection of locally produced items. Shops are closed all day Sunday and on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. However, in the tourist areas, shops usually stay open late in the evenings and all day SundayIf you are looking for the perfect holiday retreat in the sun, why not Buy in Cyprus?, With its 340 days of brilliant sunshine each year, over 40 beautiful blue flag beaches, its low cost of living, low crime rate, and excellent infrastructure, not to mention the fact that everybody speaks English, Cypriots drive on the same side of the road as we do, and the legal and banking systems are modeled on those of the British, it is hard to find a reason why one shouldnt buy in Cyprus! BUY NOW - BUY IN CYPRRUS PROPERTY

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